Just a short flight from the magnificent St Lucia, Buccament Bay Resort is a fabulous 5-star beach resort and offers a completely luxurious holiday specially engineered to meet the need for relaxation of guests; it will surely suit the taste of guests from all walks of life. The beach resort presents an array of deluxe facilities which are genuinely perfect for anyone on their St Lucia holidays. There are many delightful rooms which are jammed with state of the art facilities in which guests could obtain absolute satisfaction –  while staying in one of the most luxurious beach resorts in the world.

Guests can head to the on-site spa for pampering including fine skin therapies, signature massages and rejuvenation like no other. Guests could also work those muscles and improve their body curves in the resort’s Harlequin Sports Academy, headed by expert football and tennis coaches. Finally, guests are sure to be mesmerized by resort’s tropical forest and towering mountains. This resort is knowned for its vicinity to Wallilabou Bay, which is the setting of the The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

Visit Buccament Bay Resort for the holiday of your dreams…