The BodyHoliday is a place with a beautiful tropical beach where you can have your desired fitness, relaxation and pampering, making it an ideal place to visit during St. Lucia Holidays. This is your chance to pamper your  mind and body in stunning Caribbean surroundings. The BodyHoliday is a haven for those who are active-spirited and health conscious, because of its unique All-Inclusive packages including spa treatments and various activities.

The natural beauty of the place makes visitors want to stay forever and explore the mountainside rainforests as well as the amazing volcanic rock formations. Or you can simply choose to stay on the white beach and relax under your cabana’s shade. At BodyHoliday, you are able to fully enjoy your luxury holidays with different activities such as yoga, water sports, relaxing body treatments on their on-site spa and a whole lot more.

The BodyHoliday provides a holiday like you’ve never experiences holiday before…