Constance Lemuria Resort is situated amidst beautiful, thriving foliage, against a magnificent backdrop of superb, white sandy beaches kissed by the glorious aqua-green waters of the sea. It offers guests the occasion to enjoy grand Seychelles holidays, nourished by the splendid yet serene beauty of nature, far from the trappings of city life. Escape from everyday hustle and bustle, get pampered by staff solicitous of your every need and enjoy the finest amenities that a luxury hotel can offer. With the charm and appeal of the tropical surroundings – a blend of the allure of the coastline, bays, and the lush verdant greenery of nature, your Seychelles holidays spent in this resort hotel is something you will remember for the rest of your life.

Spend your Seychelles holidays in this hotel and indulge in your passion for golf, tennis or mountain biking, whilst enjoying the view of lush and luxuriant palm trees and the healing feel of the cool breezes. You can go fishing or scuba-diving to discover the fascinating world beneath the surface – or you can simply relax and enjoy the pampering and soothing massage offered by the resort’s spa.

Constance Lemuria Resort is one luxurious treat you won’t forget…