When searching for 5-star Oman holidays package, the Chedi Muscat Hotel is an excellent choice. It is exceptionally situated between the busy urban prefecture and the recreational spots of Muscat. Its architecture philosophy is creatively designed for leisure sojourners, extravagant celebrators and for business-oriented guests.

This 21-acre beachfront haven houses the largest spa of the region (measuring up to 800 sqm!). It also has a beauty and wellness facility stretching over an area of 400 sqm. The low-rise building houses 158 suites, each with a distinct personality and unique features. The Chedi Hotel is 15-minute away from the Muscat International Airport. Luxury holidays are simply wonderful when spent in this award-winning hotel that overlooks the steep Haajjar mountains and the Arabian Sea.

Experience the best of luxury in Oman at the majestic Chedi Hotel.