Positioned on the beautiful north west coast of Mauritius, Angsana Balaclava is the perfect spot for guests wanting to experience Mauritius – and even more so for couples who want a private and tranquil romantic paradise like no other. Indeed, it is the ideal place to visit in Africa and experience luxury holidays at its finest. Angsana Balaclava is the ideal place to unwind and relax, for the resort prides itself with Angsana Spa Journeys, as well as stunning scenery and state of the art facilities.

The exclusive spa is astonishingly designed and structured to offer its guests the finest spa treatments there could possibly be. Moreover, the spa introduces age-old therapies that essentially energize and fortify the body and mind during your luxury holidays. In addition to the spa, the resort is packed with on-site beauty salons and recreation as well as meeting centres, which are more than enough to cater every guest’s need. The island itself envelops local Mauritian wildlife, thriving vegetation, Le Morne mountain, a Hindu sacred lake and neighbouring waterfalls. With all the resort’s features, there’s no wonder why it is one of the most preferred settings for guests to spend their vacation at during Mauritius holidays.

Angsana Balaclava is your ticket to the real Mauritius…