Trump Hotel Waikiki is located in the heart of Honolulu – right by the legendary Waikiki Beach. This luxury hotel never seizes to amaze… Whether you are on holiday with your family or on a romantic honeymoon, you will be able to indulge in true Hawaiian hospitality every day. The fabulous on-site spa and personalised service offered by Trump Attache make for a truly exclusive stay.

Relax by the 6th floor infinity pool, learn to surf in the emerald Pacific Ocean – or discover the island of Oahu on an exciting roadtrip? The choice if yours. One thing is certain: your Hawaii holidays will be filled with adventure and friendly Aloha spirit! The residential style studios and suites available at Trump Hotel Waikiki allow for independent living. You can even cook your own delicious meal in the gourmet kitchen if you don’t fancy heading to the exceptional restaurants of Waikiki Beach.

Trump Hotel Waikiki is an experience like no other…