There are few places on Earth that can match the amazing degree of luxury of Dubai holidays enjoyed at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The Golden City has dozens of hotels and resorts that bespeak 5-star elegance, with a considerable number of them being counted as the titans of the hotel industry. One of the frontrunners among these giants to spend your luxurious holidays at is the illustrious Jumeirah Beach Hotel, found along the pristine shores of Dubai.

As with most of the buildings in the Golden City, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a marvel of architectural engineering. Shaped in the form of a wave crashing into the ocean, the building is impossible to miss when making your way to the coastline at the edge of the Persian Gulf.  The interior of the hotel’s massive size is an appropriate reflection of the majesty of its façade. The splendour of its hundreds of rooms is brilliantly divided into four major themes following the four main elements of the world – fire, wind, water and earth. This gives the hotel an elegant interior allure.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the pearls of Dubai.