If you want to enjoy comfortable Barbados holidays, Cobblers Cove is the best place for you. Cobblers Cove in Barbados features sophisticated Country Houses with an intricate English architecture. It even gives guests a glimpse of the national sport – cricket – in the design! From the exquisite suites you can enjoy the view and the sound of the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea….

The extensive beachfront is filled with sun loungers and big umbrellas. There is also a spacious area around the swimming pool suitable for long days of relaxing sunbathing. And if you love water, you can go water-skiing and windsurfing, or perhaps enjoy the marine life through snorkelling? The resort has a tennis court as well – a popular pastime for guests!

As soon as you receive your welcome cocktail upon arrival, you will know you’re in the right place for a Barbados holiday with family or friends.